Mobile app published and distributed on Facebook, Twitter. Works on ANY mobile device.

Mobile HTML5 Website – Intro. Plan


Short term Mobile need? An Event, Concert, Sale, Fund Raiser, Auction, etc? Get a Mobile App-like experience for less than HALF the cost of our Basic – Android App package. This solution works on ANY mobile device!  Because it’s not formatted to Google Android, Amazon Kindle, or Apple iOS it is UNIVERSAL.  Commonly referred to and known as a HTML5 website.  No costly updates or unnecessary special features to pay for.

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Product Description

Basic Plan – Android Mobile App program. Recommended for:

  1. Short term need; Concert, Auction, Fund Raiser.
  2. Start-Ups, school projects, test market idea.
  3. Those desiring a mobile website ONLY.
  4. Someone needing an entry level solution.
  5. Those on a tight budget.
  6. Someone in need of a simple solution.

Purchasers will receive the following benefits: 

  • Interview and Design consultation.
  • Free review copy of your Mobile ‘App’.
  • ‘App’ is only published with your approval.
  • Mobile Website version of a Mobile ‘App’,
  • – HTML5 Site is Universal, Works on ANY device!
  • URL for Promoting Your New ‘App’
  • Distribution of your Mobile App –
  •      Website Links
  •      Face Book
  •      Twitter



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