Retail Stores Need Apps

Unique Ways to Use Mobile Apps When People Walk Into Your Retail Store

You created a mobile app and now you don’t know what to do with it? How can you convince people to download the app or even use it once they walk out of your doors?

The internet is filled with tips on how to get emails from people and how to push notifications to those interested in promotions and special deals, but what are some unique ways to get people excited about your retail business when they walk in?  Think about ways to make customers laugh or stop and wonder. Connecting emotionally is one of the most important aspects of using a mobile app. If you don’t create an emotional relationship with your customers, they delete the app or forget about it for the rest of their life. Don’t let this happen.



A Contest, Prize, Download or Discount in Exchange for an Email Address

What’s one of the easiest ways to capture a customer’s email address? Give them a promotion.

You have a distinct advantage over other companies as a retail store with a physical location: You get to speak with your customers in person. You have the chance to convince someone to make a last minute purchasing decision.

When a customer comes up to the register, present them with a contest or prize. Maybe you run a hair salon. Fill a bowl with bobby pins and have people type in their email in the mobile app to take a guess at how many are in there. Do you have an auto body shop? Try a bowl of lug nuts.

Trade a discount or a chance at a large prize for their email, and you can build the amount of people you can share your mobile app with. You can even trade app downloads for a prize. Simply show people how to download the mobile app on their phone and give them a chance to win something. Notify the winner through the mobile app, or create a page that features all of your winners.

Customer Experience Photos or Videos


Before and after photos work wonders for diet pills on TV, so why not use them for your brick-and-mortar shop? Let’s say someone walks into your hair salon. Take a picture of their hair before and after you’re done styling it. Share the photos on your mobile app to get others excited about coming into your salon. This also makes that particular customer feel special about a featured image on your app.

If you run more of an experience-based business like a golf course, take photos of the people who are going out for a round. Ask for an email address to add to your list, and send photos of them teeing off on the first hole.

Share the photos or videos on your mobile app for others to see. You can even create a quick camera and upload button to share these moments instantaneously. Show golfers how to download the app so they can access the photos later.

Open Your Doors to Social Media

Regardless of your social media efforts, your mobile app gives you a distinct advantage over those trying to build a following who don’t have a mobile app.

When marketing your app, tell people that they can receive direct access to social media pages from a single app, making it easier for them to consolidate specials, promotions and news. This increases their chances of following your pages and downloading the app.

Once the app is downloaded you can send them push notifications whenever you update your Facebook, Twitter or other social page.

Tell social followers to bring in a posted picture or statement to get a special promotion. Image the excitement people feel when being able to flash a quick image when walking into your store to receive a promotion. People enjoy using their technology to get deals.

This type of exclusivity is tough to emulate without the power of mobile apps and social media. Not only do folks have to download your mobile app, but they need to follow you on social media. It’s a nice way to target those who really believe in your company and enjoy what you sell.