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Your Charity Needs a Mobile App More Than Ever

All charities need mobile apps, and they work nicely for budget-conscious organizations who want to reach out to technologically and socially advanced people looking for something more in their lives.  Most of your contributors and donors carry a smartphone, can your message reach them on it?

People interested in helping your charity are no different than other technology users—they absorb content with mobile devices. In fact, users spend more than 80 percent of their time inside mobile apps. Are you looking for a way to get more donations for your charity? This is the best method.

Let’s learn about what components are necessary when designing your charity or non-profit’s mobile app and understand the use of each particular function. Whether you simply want to educate the world on the importance of science or you have a strong mission to feed the world, a mobile app can help.

Let the World Know Your Plans

Events and fundraisers are typically what make non-profits and charities money. Are you having a neighborhood get-together to plan an upcoming cancer walk?  

Are you sending a group of teenagers to a devastated area that requires new houses? Include a link on your app that outlines the most important upcoming events.

Make sure each event page includes an Additional Information page for those really interested in participating.

A Contact page also works nicely as a call-to-action for those who want more information.


Some of the most successful non-profits are simply informational organizations that get people to eat healthy or budget their money for good use. Regardless of your output to the community, include several resources on your mobile app to help you stand out from other organizations.

Once you start including free, share able information people will start to take notice and understand that your charity or non-profit is looking out for the greater good. Include pages that outline public health concerns or FAQ pages for folks interested in helping homeless people.

Share your Story

Share your story with the world by including high resolution photos and descriptions of these photos. Snap pictures of your workers building a house or people serving soup to homeless people.

Even simple team photos help show the community in your organization, causing others to join and promote your brand. News, videos, blogs and other forms of media fit nicely into this category too.

A charity or non-profit is nothing without its results. Your story comes together by combining the actions that take place throughout your organization’s history and the results that come from those actions.

Your Mission

People care about your mission. Many people often think that a mission is less important with a charity or non-profits because all charities commit themselves to good. However, contributors are quite particular with their money. Do you commit your time to giving out free information or lobbying for Republicans? A leftist might not be all that prone to contributing to this cause.

Does your CEO take a salary? Many charities and nonprofits are getting flack for high CEO salaries and low amounts of money actually going to worthy causes. Show how your organization actually commits itself to people who need help, and give others a way to easily feel better about the way they spend their time and money.


Often considered one of the most important parts of marketing for charities, the Contact pages provide people a way for people to get a hold of your organization and send in money or information. What should you include for your Contact pages?

An actual Contact Us page is needed to provide your phone, email, address and website information. A Tell Us or Contribution page works well for getting feedback and asking people if they want to contribute to your organization.

Consider linking Facebook and Twitter profiles to the bottom of your mobile app. This gives followers a direct link to your social sites, instead of forcing them to open up a completely new browser.

Charities and nonprofits live in a thankless world, but to make it easier you can create a mobile app that promotes your organization and pushes notifications to followers. Let us know in the comments if you have any experience working with mobile apps for your charity or non-profit. Do you have any advice for those just getting started?