Law Firm Apps

Every Law Firm Absolutely must have a Mobile App

Is your law firm looking for interesting ways to retain customers and reach out to new clients?  Are you concerned that your customers aren’t finding your website or other online marketing tools?

That’s because most people use their mobile devices to access new information, and that goes for contacting law firms – especially in an emergency.
Let’s learn why every law firm should have a mobile app to connect with clients and interact with them on a personal level to increase business.  Do all of your prospective clilents speak English?  Probably not.  But your App can appeal to prospective clients in any language. 

Free Tips

Let’s say a potential client is looking at your mobile app alongside a competitor’s mobile app. How can you differentiate yourself?

One of the best ways to do this online is with a blog or free resource center. You could link this blog to your app or create a usefull tips page that answers frequently asked questions.  If you can solve legal problems for people without forcing them to come into your office, then when they actually do need your help they’ll trust you and want to learn more about your services. Create a Tips page to build your social credibility and keep your firm in the back of client minds.

Schedule an Appointment

Whether you give free consultations or not, imagine how quickly someone would pull up your app if they got into an accident or needed some legal advice. Sure, a legal app isn’t something that people use everyday, but it’s a practical app that your clients keep in their back pocket to reassure themselves that help is always around.

A simple page that includes your contact information, a quick area to describe their case and a date in which they want to meet at your law firm is enough to increase your client retention rate. Why give past clients the chance to bring up Google, search for lawyers in the area and possibly click on one of the numerous options that come up. If they remember that your app is on their phone, they’ll set up a time to chat.

The About Us Page for Law Firms

Not every law firm provides the same services, making it difficult for people to understand if you can help them in their time of need. Cut out the people who aren’t looking for your help and capture those who need your services by giving them a quick About page that outlines all the services you offer. Do you provide legal help for auto accidents, brain injuries, foreclosures, animal attacks or something else? Let the world know, and explain your experience in each field.

Does your law firm offer associates who speak different languages? This is your chance to sell your services, and a poorly designed and formatted About page could send people running to another firm.

Immediate Contact Possibilities

Many potential clients either won’t stumble upon the Schedule an Appointment page or they just want to get you on the phone as soon as possible. If you’re a lawyer, you know more than anyone else that everyone wants to have their legal problems solved quickly.

Offer people quick Contact buttons from your homepage for immediate assistance. Place a Call Us button so your phone number pops up into their phone or an Email button so they can type up a quick note if they’re in a hurry. Maybe someone is driving home from work and wants to see if your office is on their way? Give them a quick Location button on the homepage that brings up a map and address information.

Media as a Personal Connection Tool

Don’t run a faceless law firm. Your mobile app gives your firm a chance to connect with clients on a personal level. What better way to interact with these people by showing your face and sharing media directly to their mobile device.

Include pictures to let people know that your lawyers are friendly and approachable. Consider offering a Media page that includes pictures of your law firm, recent company happenings and even videos that walk people through different legal proceedings. Is there a question that all of your clients ask on a consistent basis? Answer the question with a podcast or video message.

Does the size and beauty of your office blow people out of the water whenever they walk in? How can you communicate this to potential clients if all they have is a mobile app? With pictures of course! Snap dazzling photos of the exterior and interior of your office, and even share photos of your lawyers in action to display how hard working everyone is.

Now it’s your turn to contribute. Let us know in the comments section if you run a law firm and could use a mobile app. Is there anything stopping you from setting one up? If you already have a mobile app for your law practice tell us about your experience.