Houses of Worship – Members Need Apps

Why Churches and Religious Organizations Need Mobile Apps

Are you a religious leader, parishioners or consistent visitor to a local church or religious organization?  Are you wondering how you can increase current member interaction and find new followers for your religious organization?

It’s an interesting reality that religions are being forced to turn to technology in order to maintain members and reach out to new followers. Even the the Pope has turned to Twitter in order to reach Catholics throughout the world within seconds.

Fundraisers, missionaries and traditional marketing techniques still have their place in the world, but the immediacy of mobile apps provide instant communications when people are on the train going to work, eating lunch or while in class. Share your religious beliefs with the world by creating a simple mobile application.

How can tapping into phones expand your reach and improve your church’s view to the world?

Share the Beauty

A church or religious organization provides a spiritual place to connect with people and a higher power. One of the best parts about going to church or another service is seeing the beauty of the architecture and the happiness of people in the building. Share inspiring pictures of priests or other church leaders interacting with parishioners. Create a gallery to give people a preview of the exterior and interior of the building.

People are more likely to choose a church if they can connect with the type of facilities included. Maybe your religious organization is directly affiliated with a school? Connect with parents who want to find a place of worship and also send their kids to school by displaying photos of classrooms and the religious building.

Display Your Mission

A church or religious organization is only as good as its mission. Why should someone commit to your church over the one down the street? It’s human nature to look for more meaning in life. Share how you connect with followers and what you have to offer to those who may feel lost. Is your organization simply trying to make people more spiritual or do you have a strong commitment to the surrounding community?

Your mission is your selling point, and giving people the chance to read about your mission through their smartphone gets them one step closer to committing to your religious organization.

Keep People Updated on Current Events

Is your church or religious organization holding an upcoming fundraiser or retreat? Does it have a weekly service schedule? Think about how people learn about these upcoming events. Do they have to go to your website or pass by the building to view schedules on a sign?

Mobile apps send push notifications whenever you create or update an event. So the next time you hold a soup kitchen or community fair everyone will immediately be able to push that event to their own calendar.


Many churches and religious organizations only collect funds when they hold events. This means that people have to actually come into the religious building to sign up for automatic payments or place a check into the collection basket.

What if someone could simply sign up for a payment through their mobile phone? Not everyone can come to a service every week, making it difficult for them to make a donation. Send reminders for fundraising, and give people the freedom to contribute to their religion from wherever they want.

Keep in Contact

Let’s say someone just moved to your community and one of their friends sent them your mobile app. If the app doesn’t tell them the location of your religious building, how can you expect them to show up for a service?

Every religious organization needs an app that displays contact information. A Contact page includes items such as phone numbers, email addresses, locations and websites. All of these communication and distribution outlets are important to keep people interested and active in your religious community.

Share the Word

Many churches and religious organizations pass out bulletins or other pieces of literature after a service. What if someone was travelling or they couldn’t make it to the service one week? There’s bound to be a large portion of followers who are sick or bedridden. Give them access to church literature directly from their phones. This not only distributes the literature to everyone, but it cuts down on the footprint and cost created by paper pamphlets.

A mobile app also lets you post videos of sermons, presentations or important messages from leaders of your organization. Does your organization have a podcast or radio broadcast? Let people listen to it from their phones. It’s also nice to include sharing buttons on your mobile app. This gives people a way to immediately email, text or share your app on social sites. What better way to get the word out about your church or religious organization than through some simple clicks from current followers?

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments how your church or religious organization can benefit from a mobile app. Do you have any experience or words of wisdom to share with other people who run religious organizations?

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