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A contractor or interior designer is the ultimate freelancer.

You hustle for jobs, manage multiple projects and hope that past clients come back to maintain a consistent stream of work. Is there a way to make sure your current or past customers call you right up when they need something built or designed?

architect app allows quick sketching of ideas

Designers and architects use mobile apps in their daily work life. These can also generate business.

Well according to Constant Contact, over a half million small businesses generate repeat business from well-designed mobile apps.

What better way to cut down on the work needed to get lifelong construction clients than with a mobile app?

Easy direct method for providing field staff method to send job site photos or change orders.  Customize to provide whatever work details you require.

Builders should make it easy for their field staff to access the information they need. That’s a two way street – you want them to provide job site status updates? Give them a quick and simple way to do it, and they will.

Learn how your construction or contracting company can increase its customer base and get rid of tedious marketing efforts with a simple mobile app that features your work and mission.  Here Poe Construction has a mobile app set up to allow employee’s to upload change orders, RFP’s and work site photos to the office.  Of course these docs and pics can be uploaded to ‘the cloud’ so all your staff would have immediate access and share back and forth.  All of this is customized to whatever your business needs.

Show Off Your Skills

How do people decide which construction company to hire? They take a look at your past work and decide that they want something similar. A perfect way to blow people away is to get professional photographs and place them in your mobile app. Create a gallery and categorize your photos so it’s easier for people to navigate.

Provide an area that features interior and exterior photos of your work. Sort the galleries into sections such as churches, retail spaces, homes or cafes. Encourage people to share these pictures with others who might be interested in your services or designs.

These galleries also work nicely when someone comes into your office. Simply take out a phone or tablet and flip through your portfolio without having to shuffle through papers or email files later. Once you get customers in your doors you can keep them there.

Value. Value. Value

Imagine that a potential customer looks at your mobile app and another construction company’s app side-by-side. You both offer nice portfolios and contact links, but what sets you apart? One of the easiest ways to stand out against construction competition and gain loyal followers is with additional resources that help customers understand the best construction and design techniques. Include videos and diagrams that outline the importance of location. Talk to your customers about building strong structures and avoiding scams.

Include 3D renderings or drawings to help customers visualize their future project. This is a simple way to provide value without breaking the bank.

How Do We Get Started on a Project?

It seems like a simple concept, but many small businesses leave this part out of their websites or mobile apps. Include a Contact Us page so that potential customers can immediately call you from the mobile app. Provide other forms of communication such as your website, address, email and phone number.

The best construction company apps offer a map that guides people directly to the office. This gives you a large advantage over other companies. Imagine if a potential customer has to search for your address online. This reveals other construction companies in the area, increasing their chance of viewing other websites.

Customers also appreciate links to your social media pages. These links provide additional value because people can find special promotions and tips. It’s much easier for customers to access your social sites, contact pages and other mobile pages instead of switching between the numerous options in browser tabs.

Link to your upcoming events to keep people updated on charity functions or events that showcase your work. Maybe you have a showroom and you want to reveal new building techniques or technologies? Your most loyal customers appreciate insider access that makes them feel special.

Put the Nail in the Coffin

Is your construction company a business that people actually want to work with? Prove your social credibility by displaying the best testimonials you can find. Consider posting video testimonials to increase this credibility. Sharing text testimonials is nice, but think of how loyal a customer must be to come out and conduct a video interview. This shows potential customers that your past clients love your company.

A well constructed About page also connects with people on an emotional level. Share your values and your mission. Talk about the types of people you help and how you commit to making a change in the world.

Do you own a construction company? Are you maintaining repeat customers with a well designed mobile app? If not, why haven’t you built one yet? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section.