Food For Thought About Link Building: Some Tasty Tidbits

Two Muffins & A URL To Go Please…

I’ve preached under the LinkMoses persona that you need to lower your reliance on Google by creating additional linking strategies that are designed to drive brand awareness and click traffic. There are hundreds of ways to do this.

An example: Yesterday I bought a print book at the local big box bookstore. They gave me a free laminated bookmark that was provided by a local stationary shop. There was a URL on it for the stationary shop. Think about how many books go out the door in a year with that free laminated bookmark with the URL on it. Thousands.

Does this cost money? Sure. But not very much, and it’s a better spend than a link farm, don’t you think? Links aren’t just online. Can people come across your URL anywhere in the physical world? If not, why not? I’m not saying buy a billboard on the interstate, but the bookstore/stationary store example above is your clue.

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