Customers are no longer silent, far from it they are louder than ever!

Customer Engagement or ELSE!

Think back ten years ago. How did you make your buying decisions? Personally, I remember sifting through the Sunday paper for ads on upcoming sales for some of my favorites was not exactly what I wanted,
woman with bullhorn representing consumer experience revolution
but it was good enough for that moment.  Long gone are those days. With the introduction of the smartphone, tablet, social media, and a variety of other technologies, no one is telling us what to buy, when to shop, and how much to pay.Empowered with instant, 24×7 access to product reviews, competitor offerings, personalized promotions, and prices that seem to change every five minutes, we can now bypass existing business models and move towards demanding that vendors and retailers meet our own unique requirements and whims. For example, smartphone owners compare prices on their mobile device while in-store shopping for…

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