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As leading Mobile Marketer we are Registered Developers.  Publishing to APPLE iTunes, GOOGLE Play, AMAZON Kindle. PREMIUM mobile applications with money making advanced features. Brochure details.

The barriers to entry in your market just vanished. Unexpected competitors are swarming in. Are you ready to try something different?

You always knew MOBILE marketing was going to change things, but you didn’t realize how close to home it would hit. In every industry, competitors are taking advantage of new MOBILE platforms (smartphones, tablets), native mobile apps, and MOBILE MARKETING providers ( to undercut competitors, get closer to customers, and disrupt the usual ways of doing business. The only way to compete is to evolve.  We are the bridge to providing these critical new techniques for your company. If you’re ready to get your business discovered on mobile, engage your users, boost your revenue, and effortlessly distribute your app to millions of new users—then read on.

Our service generates and pulls unique cash flow into your business.  The methods we use are unique to a native application.  Mobile websites cannot achieve these results and don’t have these capabilities.  Reason enough to be ordering a smartphone app for your business – TODAY!  I launched this new Software Division this year.  I believe you should strongly consider hiring us to build the digital assets you need to succeed in 2014.  With over 30 years of real life business experience, mobile marketing certification and programming skills your business will receive the best possible digital marketing smartphone app.

Proudly based in Madison, Wisconsin, one of the primary Business benefits of our custom Native Mobile apps is increasing engagement with your clients and getting new ones on the Marketplaces.  Did you know Google, Apple and Amazon control who can list software on their respective stores?  Only certified developers are permitted access.  Because of security concerns many consumers prefer mobile apps because of the added safety provided by the respective Publishers.  This is a benefit only available to Native Mobile Apps of the type we create and publish for our clients.  This opens new revenue streams for your business – only available with Native Mobile Apps.

Mobile App R.O.I. Report

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Additional reasons you must update your marketing and create a MOBILE Strategy:

Mobile has over taken desktop computers.

mobile device sales have caused ecommerce to explode

Tablets and smartphone sales demand business have a presence in this mobile space.  Your mobile enabled competitors are racing ahead.  Without mobile your company will be left behind.








This year, mobile Internet traffic exceeded desktop traffic. Not surprisingly, people don’t like rolling computer towers behind them on little carts when they’re out and about, so mobile devices have become the computers of choice for people that are on the go. What has surprised people, however, is that people continue to use mobile devices once they get home. Chalk it up to familiarity, convenience, the fact that you don’t have to share them . . . whatever you like. But the fact is, mobile is more important than desktop, now. If your small business website isn’t mobile-optimized, you’re in trouble. Mobile is growing fast, and continuously. Traffic on the mobile web is growing at 3.5% each month! And 35% of smartphone owners say that they’re going to increase their usage of mobile Internet going forward. Taken together, you can conclude that tomorrow is very likely to be “more mobile” than today. If you’re waiting for the mobile trend to blow over, it might be time to throw in the towel and embrace it. Smartphone users are now in the majority

three graphs show the rapid growth in mobile phone use. most startiling is that mobile device usage will soon surpass television use

Mobile is bringing huge changes to the business world. Look closely at center panel. Soon people will have more screen time with their mobile devices than with their TV!

Dumb phones are out there, but they’re no longer owned by a majority. Instead, most people who have a mobile device have a smartphone, which means that they have mobile Internet access and are hungry for apps. Mobile devices don’t get left behind. 80% of Americans take their mobile device with them when they leave the house. In fact, 85% of Americans are never more than a few feet from their mobiles. If you want to meet consumers where they are, a mobile device is the surest channel available to you. Mobile is local

Mobile has taken the lead for most users. For web browsing and shopping consumers are moving onto their smartphones.  If your not mobile ready you are missing out.

Mobile has taken the lead for most users. For web browsing and shopping consumers are moving onto their smartphones. If your not mobile ready you are missing out.

94% of smartphone owners are looking for local info on their mobile, and 70% of these searchers have connected with a local business after a search. For a small business, this is a golden opportunity. Mobile leads to sales. This ties in to the last point. 70% of the people searching on a mobile device will make a purchase soon. If your business has a mobile-optimized website, you’re probably going to generate more revenue. painted hand holding phoneDo a search on your own mobile device now. Whose site functions better – yours, or your competitor’s? Don’t let a simple thing like that become a major disadvantage. Mobile is overlooked by business owners. Sadly, less than 5% of business websites mobile-optimized. If you want an easy way to pull ahead of the competition, mobile is it. And if you avoid it, remember that visitors tend to leave sites that don’t perform well on their mobile devices, and they don’t return. In short, customers are lining up at your “mobile gates” in huge numbers.

Consumers have voted - online shopping is their preferred method of getting products and services. Mobile shopping is getting more traffic everyday - is your business ready?
Consumers have voted – online shopping is their preferred method of getting products and services. Mobile shopping is getting more traffic everyday – is your business ready?

  For the first time in history more smartphones will be sold this year (2014) than desktop or laptop computers.   Today as a result of the explosive growth in smartphone sales MOBILE is the newest technology to demand every business owners attention. If you have read this far you are truly dedicated and clearly interested in getting mobile to work for you and your business or service company.  Let us show you how to best leverage the new mobile technology to your advantage.  If you don’t get moving you will be left behind.  Your competitor has gotten the message, have you?  Can you afford NOT to have a mobile strategy?